I'm on Patreon !!

Hello everyone !!

As you know, some times ago, I put a Paypal Donation button here on my blog buuut, I don't know, it doesn't feel right to let people give me money without giving something in exchange so I decided to open a Patreon, if you wish to support my work and get cool exclusive stuff in exchange, you know what you have to do ^-^
Don't worry, I'm not going to make you pay for my models, they will ALWAYS be available for free, Patreon is 100000% optionnal, it's just an option I give to those who wish to support my work and nothing else, the only thing that will change is that Patrons will have my new models before everyone else, but it will just be some days before everyone, I don't want anyone to feel left aside.
So, if you are interested, just go to patreon.com/HellswordPapercraft hope to see some of you as my Patron, you'll not regret it !! Well, at least I hope so ^-^

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