Nyako Papercraft

Hello everyone !!

Today is the beginning of a lot of uploads and I decided to open with this model.
For the first time since I began to create Papercrafts, I decided to create a completely original character, this model was made specially for people participating in the Papercraft initiation groups organised by my dear friend Gardevoir7 and myself during the Epitanime convention and it was really popular so I decided to upload it for everyone willing to download it and I hope you'll like it too !!



Wonder Woman's Invisible Jet Papercraft (April's Fools)

Hello everyone !!!

I decided to give my best and create one of the best Papercrafts ever just for you, yup, today I'm giving you Wonder Woman's iconic Invisible Jet, I really hope you'll like it, it was a lot of work !!



Petite FAQ pour les débutants - Version Française

(English version : http://hellswordpapercraft.blogspot.fr/2016/02/little-faq-for-beginners-english-version.html)

Bonjoir tout le monde !!

Ces derniers temps, je reçois de plus en plus de mails de personnes souhaitant démarrer le Papercraft avec certains de mes modèles et naturellement, ils ont plusieurs questions à me poser ce qui est complètement normal, j'ai donc décidé de faire un genre de FAQ pour répondre à certaines de ces questions pour aider ceux qui souhaitent démarrer le Papercraft à partir du bon pied. C'est parti !

Little FAQ for beginners - English Version

(Version Française :  http://hellswordpapercraft.blogspot.fr/2016/02/petite-faq-pour-les-debutants-version.html )

Hello everyone !!

These times, I recieve more and more mails from people who want to begin papercrafting with some of my models and naturally, they have a lot of questions to ask which is completely normal so I decided to make a kind of FAQ to answer some of those questions to help people who wish to make their first Papercrafts to be right on track. Let's begin !!


MiniPokés Hoppip and Torchic Papercrafts

Hello everyone !!

It's been a reallyyyyyyyyyyyy long time since my last MiniPokés and I decided to upload this little guys who were ready since a really long time because they were used as prizes for the first Papercraft Rally organized by my friend BRSpidey on DeviantArt and it's now time for me to share them with all of you. ^-^



Berserk Chibi Puck Papercraft

Hello everyone !!!

It's been a while since my last Berserk Papercraft so I decided to make a new one : Puck, Guts's sidekick and best friend !! I've always liked this character so here he is into a Papercraft which is probably a lifesize one !!



I'm on Patreon !!

Hello everyone !!

As you know, some times ago, I put a Paypal Donation button here on my blog buuut, I don't know, it doesn't feel right to let people give me money without giving something in exchange so I decided to open a Patreon, if you wish to support my work and get cool exclusive stuff in exchange, you know what you have to do ^-^
Don't worry, I'm not going to make you pay for my models, they will ALWAYS be available for free, Patreon is 100000% optionnal, it's just an option I give to those who wish to support my work and nothing else, the only thing that will change is that Patrons will have my new models before everyone else, but it will just be some days before everyone, I don't want anyone to feel left aside.
So, if you are interested, just go to patreon.com/HellswordPapercraft hope to see some of you as my Patron, you'll not regret it !! Well, at least I hope so ^-^