Digimon Agumon (Savers Version) Papercraft


Hello everyone !!!

Here is another Digimon Papercraft and this time, I brought you the iconic Agumon as he appears in the Digimon Savers anime series !!
The model in itself isn't really difficult and is 20cm tall !


Difficulty : Easy/Medium

H: 20cm
W: 17cm
D: 15.4cm

Building tips : close the model with it's ears

Download link : http://www.mediafire.com/?peivfi9595if5ao

I really hope you'll like this model and that you'll enjoy building it !

See ya for new Papercrafts !



Bien le bonjoir tout le monde !!!

Et voici un nouveau Papercraft Digimon et cette fois il s'agit de l'iconique, du célébrissime Agumon tel qu'il apparaît dans l'anime Digimon Savers !!
Le modèle en lui même n'est pas réellement difficile et mesure 20cm de haut !


Difficulté: Facile/Moyen


H: 20cm
W: 17cm
D: 15.4cm

Conseil de construction: fermez le modèle avec ses oreilles

Lien de téléchargement :  http://www.mediafire.com/?peivfi9595if5ao

J'espère sincèrement que vous apprécierez ce papercraft et que vous aimerez le construire !!

A plus tard pour de nouveaux Papercrafts !!



  1. Hello. I have a question. Why legs of this agumon straight, but in obj.model from DMO agumon have strange legs??

    1. Hello ! I'm not sure to understand your question but I edited the original .obj model to make the model "papercraftable" that's why my Agumon is different from the .obj, I also modified the arms, and most of the original DMO models are in strange positions and a loooooot of editing is necessary on most of the models so they can be turned into Papercrafts.
      Does it answer you question or did I completely missed the point ?
      And thank you for your comment ^-^


  2. Hello , could help me with some explanation or video porder make this paper? thanks in advance nwn

  3. Hello
    I downloaded your MetalGarurumon model, and I would mount it in full size, you poderiame ma spend desbloquei key so I can edit it.
    Email: banda_akatsuki_juazeiro@hotmail.com